Maryland moms on surviving cancer: Julie Lanahan

Julie Lanahan

This is the second story in a series on Maryland moms who have had to fight cancer while caring for children. Be sure to read the first story in the series on Amy Babst’s battle with Hodgin’s Lymphoma.

cancerMomJulieWJulie Lanahan’s battle with breast cancer

It wasn’t the breast cancer that devastated Julie Lanahan, 41, of Timonium. It was the fact that she would never breastfeed again.

Julie knew she would beat the cancer. She had to. With four kids, there was no other option for the Timonium stay-at-home mom to Jack, 11, Brady, 9, Kate, 7 and Maggie Mae, 3. What saddened Lanahan the most was the realization that she would never breastfeed a baby again. It kept her up at night.