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Maryland’s baby crib bumper pad ban goes into effect today

crib bumperMaryland’s baby crib bumper ban went into effect today, June 21. As of today, baby crib bumper pads can no longer be sold in the state of Maryland because the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene found they pose potential serious health risks to infants.

The action follows the Department’s conclusion that baby crib bumper pads, intended for infants up to the age of five or six months, offer no meaningful benefit and pose a potentially serious risk to infant health. Maryland’s Chief Medical Examiner has found that crib bumper pads pose a risk of suffocation and death.

“Our safety message is that babies sleep best alone, on their back, and in a crib,” said Dr. Joshua M. Sharfstein, Secretary of DHMH. “Baby bumper pads are not part of this picture, and in fact can pose a serious threat to health.”

In addition, if left in the crib past the appropriate age, infants can use the bumper pads to climb out of the crib and fall. Experts did not find evidence to support a meaningful benefit of fewer injuries to limbs against the wood slats of the crib

The American Academy of Pediatrics recently described the products as “inherently risky and unnecessary.”

The regulation defines baby bumper pads as “a pad or pads of non-mesh material resting directly above the mattress in a crib, running the circumference of the crib or along any of the interior sides of the crib, and intended to be used until the age that an infant pulls to stand.”

The ban does not apply to vertical bumpers that wrap tightly around each individual crib rail or to mesh crib liners. The Department nonetheless does not recommend the use of these or other novel products.

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