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Marylanders Spend Money on the Arts

Survey reveals that most Marylanders engaged with the arts
84% of Marylanders are “creators” and 89% “observers”

Governor Martin O’Malley announced the results of the first-ever statewide survey of the arts, conducted last month by the Maryland State Arts Council (MSAC) to explore the public’s connection with, and the value they place on the Arts.

The survey reveals that Maryland residents foster a deep appreciation of and involvement with the Arts. An overwhelming number of Marylanders – 84% – create art either professionally or in their spare time. The data also demonstrated that Marylanders are engaged observers of art, with 89% having attended live musical performances, live theater or dance, art festivals or events, and museums or galleries over the past year.

Another key finding defined how Marylanders support the Arts: Almost three-quarters (73%) have encouraged someone they know to pursue their interest in creating or performing art and 70% have purchased something handmade by an artist or craftsperson.

In announcing the findings, the Governor said, “What we learned from this inaugural survey is essential to understanding the role of the Arts in peoples’ hearts, lives and livelihoods,” adding, “For the first time, we have independent data illustrating that Marylanders universally value the arts and strongly believe that artistic expression and cultural attractions make our state a better place to live, work and raise a family.”

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