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MD Summer Fun Day #25: Create a sprinkler spray ground for the kids

spraygroundWhat child doesn’t love a sprinkler on a hot summer’s day?

Days like today call for innovative ways to keep the kids cool. You can fill up a small pool and hook up all your various sprinklers or come up with something totally different. Add new life to backyard splashing by making a “kid wash” sprinkler spray ground with PVC pipes.

There are several ways to do this, and a search online provides endless ideas. But, the main concept is always the same: Drill random holes in PVC pipes and then connect the pipes with 90-degree PVC elbow joints and PVC T-connections. Place PVC caps on the ends not used. The most successful washes, like the one shown on Disney’s Spoonful.com, have a design plan in place before any drilling occurs.

Be sure to allow enough height and width in the PVC frame for children to comfortably run through.

To make a deluxe kid wash, add details that resemble a car wash. Spoonful.com uses “Kid Scrubbers,” large sponges that hang from the top of the frame, and “Body Buffers,” eight strips of lawn chair webbing, draped over the frame and secured with paper fasteners or brads. Then, attach a PVC hose connector and the hose to an open end, turn on the water and run!

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