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MD Summer Fun Day # 39: Explore Geppi’s Entertainment Museum

GeppiToday might be a good day for an indoor activity. Geppi’s Entertainment Museum is a great museum in Baltimore’s Camden Station that you might have never taken the kids to.

Before television, or even radio, kids found amusement in comic books, and many originals can be seen at Geppi’s Entertainment Museum.

The museum is a destination for visitors of all ages, housing entertainment memorabilia from the past 200 years, such as the display of Felix the Cat from the 1800s and an exhibit dedicated to the earliest incarnations of Mickey Mouse. Kids can view the comic in which Batman first appears, as well as see an original Action Comics No. 1, which introduced the world to Superman.

The museum is rife with interactive features such as a digital kiosk, where visitors can read the original comics, and a treasure hunt where kids can hunt for clues in each exhibit throughout the museum.

“Geppi’s is a great place for families to have fun, but a visit can also create a dialogue among generations,” says Associate Curator Andy Hershberger. “The recognition of so many iconic figures inevitably causes visitors of all ages to say, ‘Wow, I had that as a kid!'”

Location: 301 W. Camden St., Baltimore
Admission: General $10, students $7, child under 4 free.
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-6 p.m.
Open during most home Baltimore Orioles games, except Mondays.
Phone: 410-625-7060

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