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Meet the winners of the pet cover contest

Chesapeake Family’s pet contest winners


Cover Pet

Meet Charlie Bucket, a calm, gentle cat who likes to sit and sleep on flat comfy surfaces, according to his owner Caitlin Savage-Bunning of Annapolis. Charlie loves to purr and doesn’t mind donning costumes during the holidays. He is about 7 years old. 

Readers’ Favorite

Giuseppie, or Seppie as he likes to be called, is as sassy little meatball, according to his owner, Jessica Piatt. Piatt adopted Seppie after falling in love with his deep green eyes. She was living in Nanticoke, Pa. at the time but has since moved to Southern Maryland. Seppie’s favorite pastimes include playing with feather toys, riding in the car and eating crabs — he loves his new state!


Most mischievous

This picture is of Guinness denying any involvement in a mysterious hole dug in his Crownsville backyard, according to his owner Viki Nova. Can you see the tell take specs of dirt on his nose? A Shepherd mix, Nova rescued Guinness when he was a baby, now he’s almost 3. Guinness loves learning and showing off all the commands he knows. He can play dead (“bang!”), backup, take a bow, find Mommy, find Daddy, bring his collar and find anything hidden for him. “He’s also a goofball who makes us laugh every day,” Nova says. “We are so lucky he found us!”

Loyal friend

Scout is named after the character in “To Kill a Mockingbird.” She’s 12 years old and lives in Annapolis with her family. She is the most loyal dog ever, according to owner Jaime Hanafourde. She loves the kids in the family and the water.

PETDixon  Bama

Unlikely soul mates

Alabama thinks Dixon (the pug) is her kitty soul mate, according to owner Jocelyn Conway Malone of Annapolis. Dixon is named after former University of Maryland basketball player Juan Dixon. He is 12 years old and enjoys kibble breakfasts, sleeping under the covers, sleeping in sunbeams and kibble dinners. Alabama was named after a character in the movie “True Romance.” She enjoys all the same things Dixon enjoys as well as being dressed and dragged around by her 4-year-old human, according to Malone.

Best dressed

Shirley is a 7-year-old English Bulldog who came from a breeder in Missouri. “As soon as I saw Shirley’s picture, she was the one for me,” says her owner Mallory Evans of Bel Air. Her name was too perfect to change (her littermate was named Laverne), she explains. “She is a huge part of the family,” Evans says. “There hasn’t been a family event or party without the Shirley in attendance.” Shirley loves naps on the couch and butt rubs.


Best pals

Abby and Chloe were rescued from Animal Resource Foundation in Chester. First came Chloe and 6 months later came Abby. “I have never seen dogs love each other like they do,” says owner Kathy Trotter of Stevensville. “Many times they hold paws like in this picture!”

Best story

When Denton was adopted from a shelter a little over a year ago, he had a cast on his leg, explains his owner Adaora Otiji of Bowie. The shelter couldn’t afford X-rays so they had no idea what was wrong just that he wasn’t putting any weight on his leg, she says. At his first vet visit after being adopted, X-rays showed that he had been shot in the leg and that his leg had been broken for several months. For three months, Denton wore a cast and through some miracle his leg healed completely without any complications. There is still a bullet casing and some shrapnel lodged in his leg that will one day be removed when it begins to cause problems for him. Even through all of this, Denton has never been anything but a loving, accepting and happy dog, Otiji says, and she would choose him again and again.


Cute for rodents

Primrose and Snowbelle are rats that belong to Olivia Cochran of Dunkirk. “I know some people don’t like rats, my mom was one, but not any more!” Olivia explains. Apparently Olivia’s mom has really warmed up to the pet rats, and even likes holding them. Primrose, Snowbelle and their friend Stardust are very friendly and cuddly, and they even know tricks. They love climbing, and treats are a must, according to Olivia. They are really funny and will burrow in Olivia’s hair and clean her fingers.

Most perky pup

Jackson is a 6-year-old Yorkie/Silky Terrier who belongs to Brittany Webber of Davidsonville. He came into her life shortly after her little brother died. “He was a 9-week-old bundle of energy and brought a light into my life when I truly needed it the most.” The two have been inseparable ever since. “He is my constant companion and best friend I could have asked for,” she says. He has a tenacious, quirky and sweet personality and is always willing to go on an adventure.


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