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Meet the winners of our 2016 Pet Photo Contest

It was a tough decision to pick the winners out of the many wonderful entries in our 2016 Pet Photo Contest. Sam was chosen for the cover. We loved how she was lounging on a boat and smiling at the camera.

Find out more about Sam and other wonderful winners in fun categories we choose so we can include as many pets as possible. Congratulations to Reese, who received the most votes and wins a three-day all-inclusive retreat getaway to Dogwood Acres in Davidsonville.

Check out all of the pets who entered in our gallery at chesapeakefamily.com/petcontest and watch a heart-warming video of several of the entries at the bottom of the article.

Cover Pet

FEB CF 2016 cover W

Meet Sam, a 7-year-old pit bull terrier mix who was adopted from the SPCA of Anne Arundel County in December 2011. She now lives in Annapolis with owner Rachel Felver and loves to stroll around downtown and stop for a bite to eat and drink in nice weather. You can find her walking around Quiet Waters Park and attending all of the dog-friendly events around town. Her mission in life is to let people know how great it is to adopt a shelter pet — and especially pit bulls. She and three of her fellow rescued friends have formed a group called “Four Furry Friends,”which strives to promote dog-friendly businesses and events in Anne Arundel County and beyond.

Most Votes

Pet Reese W

Reese is a fun-loving 1-year-old mixed puppy from Edgewater. She loves to cuddle and play with her “stuffies,” says owner Pam Bergendahl. “She has been a wonderful addition to our family and we absolutely adore her,” Bergendahl says.

Runner Up

Pet Punkin W

Punkin is a sweet blue-nose pit bull from Edgewater, according to her owner Shannon Hibberd. “A friend of mine found her along the highway two years ago and we were unable to find her owner,” Hibberd says. “She’s been my best girl ever since.” Punkin got the second highest number of votes and was a contender for the cover.

Best Disguise

Pet Mia Mexican W

Mia is a Mexican Boxer beneath the stash and sombrero. She’s a happy, wiggly ball of energy, according to her owner, Jim Nicholas of Baltimore. “We think she’s half kangaroo,” he says.

Best Friend

Pet Molly W

Mia, 2, and Molly, her dachshund, are daily napping buddies, according to mom/owner Julia Braden of Annapolis. “Mia can’t fall asleep without her ‘sweet baby girl,’” she says.

Best Entry Not a Dog

Pet LukieonaGarbageRun W
Meet Luke Speedy Antonio Simmons of Severn. He is a Chinese dwarf hamster who goes by Lukie, according to owner Andrea Simmons. In the picture, Lukie is on garbage run. Beep! Beep!

Best Story

Pet Boozer W

Meet Boozer aka “Boo” from Annapolis. “I may be 12 (almost 13), hard of hearing and my sight is slipping, but I still think I’m one handsome mutt. But looks are only skin deep, I offer way more than just eye candy. My story started when my owner adopted me at 6 weeks. At that time, she had just graduated college and was living on her own. I took great pride in my roles as buddy, guard dog, confidant and running partner. Over a decade later, my role is a little different. My owner has since formed a family. I am a proud big fur brother to two little boys who adore me. I love to play with them when I have my energy spurts and let them lay all over me and cuddle when I’m just too tired to play. I live in a neighborhood full of kids who all know me by name … I’m kind of a big deal.

I am excited to be a part of this contest and when people ask, ‘Why now, Boo?’ I say, ‘Hey, I’ve just been waiting for the right time to introduce myself to the world — or at least the Chesapeake Family. I’m Boo and it’s nice to meet you.”

Best Pals

Pet PennyandZoeThroughDoor W

This shows how excited Penny and Zoe are to see each other every time Zoe visits, according to owner Carol Schaum of Millersville.

Best Maryland Spirit

Pet Maxwell W

This is Maxwell, a 3-year-old rottweiler from Annapolis. “He is a gentle giant and my best friend,” says owner Josh Barron. He loves the water, chasing shadows, going for rides, other dogs and people.

Sweetest Face

Pet.Evie W

Meet Evie, a rescue who was born in the Anne Arundel County SPCA. She is the most loving and loved pup, says owner Erin Bogan. She is a city dog who is always out and about in her hometown of Annapolis, and she even has her own Facebook and Instagram pages. Her smile will brighten anyone’s day.

Enjoy our short video below of several of the 2016 Pet Photo Contest entries.




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