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Minimize Food Allergies in Children

Learn how to minimize food allergies in children from Dr. Wendy Swanson, author of “Mama Doc Medicine. In our interview Dr. Swanson discusses how to prevent food allergies.


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Minimize Food Allergies

Science has proven that the early introduction of common food allergens to babies reduces the instances of food allergies. Eggs, peanuts, hazelnuts and seafood can all be feed safely to babies beginning at four to six months. If a child is allergic the reaction will begin within two hours of eating the food. The goal is to get as many types of food into a baby’s digestive track as early as possible to minimize food allergies.

Eczema Development

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Around 10% of those in the U.S. suffer from eczema – that’s more than 31 million people. While the root cause of eczema is unknown, those with at least one first-degree relative who has eczema, asthma, or hay fever is more likely to be predisposed to have drier skin and to more prone to develop eczema.
But did you know that babies with eczema are more than 600% more likely to develop a food allergy? That’s because those babies with broken skin (due to eczema) are more likely to experience topical exposure to food products in the environment (peanut dust, etc.).
Dr. Swanson is the Chief Medical Director of SpoonfulOne, leading communication and health translation to clinicians and parents to protect against the development of food allergies.
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