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Mom Milestones

Motherhood can be an isolating experience, but Mom Milestones will make new parents feel seen, encouraged, charmed, and loved. From the horrors of toddler meltdowns to the sweetness of bedtime kisses. From crying in the bathroom to reclaiming your identity, every new mom will find something to relate to, and something to laugh at, in this heartfelt, funny book that covers first becoming a mom through starting elementary school.

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Author Grace Farris, a doctor, mother of two sons, and cartoonist joined us to talk about Mom Milestones.

Mom Milestones

We all know Baby’s first milestones—her first tooth, her first step, her first word—and how lovingly parents mark each of them. But what about the person who’s doing so much of the heavy lifting—wrangling a swaddle, navigating the world of postpartum work pants, and decoding the many mysterious parts of a car seat?

Finally, here’s a book that tracks and commemorates mom’s progress, beginning with one-day-old mom, who may feel like she is learning a new language, and continuing through all the turning points of early motherhood, like seven-year-old mom preparing for elementary school.

Mom Milestones



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