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2013 EasterW

I’ve definitely been feeling like a mom nearing menopause lately. Here’s 10 reasons why (other than my birthday is next week).

  1. Jeans have always been my staple. Anything less (sweatpants for example) make me feel like a bum. But recently, I’ve discovered yoga pants. So comfortable! And much less confining on my tummy that lately seems to expand even after the smallest of snacks.
  2. I threw out my back looking at earrings on the bottom rack at Kohl’s. Lucky for me, there’s number 3.
  3. I have a back woman. She’s actually a physical therapist/osteopath, but I call her my back woman. I’ve been going to her regularly because my back hurts like a bitch when I run or when I walk or when I stand still too long. One of my problems, she says, is that my “stage in life” has left me with loose ligaments that don’t seem to want to hold my bones in place.
  4. I’m losing my mind. Recently my back woman was dry needling my calf because I injured it while running a half marathon I hadn’t trained for. I realized after I got home that I let her needle the wrong calf.
  5. I wear ugly clogs because they are comfortable.
  6. I have a bathroom cupboard full of products with labels that say things like “wrinkle free” and “smoothing cream” and “fades age spots.”
  7. I take a pill every morning that’s supposed to help with “joint pain.”
  8. The kids’ old toy magnifying glasses are strategically stashed around the house — near the phone books, near the medicine cabinet, near anything that has anything less than large print.
  9. My hair is getting shorter. I’ve decided that long gray hair makes me look a little bit witchy. Not a good look.
  10. 4 a.m. It’s the time I get my most unproductive thinking done. That’s when I came up with the idea for this blog.

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