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Mom’s and Kids Camping Trip take 6 — FranklyStein

Kids on the camping trip hike
Kids on the camping trip hike
Last week we went on the Moms and Kids Camping Trip for the sixth year in a row.

It’s actually not just moms and their kids anymore but we still call it that because that’s how it began. This year we had nine families in all — six moms, five dads, one adult child and 23 kids. Two extra moms stopped in for a day and stayed for dinner. They brought seven extra kids. Ages in the group ranged from 6 to 50something.

Things have changed a lot since the first year we went on the trip with just three moms, 11 kids (all under 9) and three new tents that took hours to assemble. This year, I popped up my eight-man tent in record time with the help of my kids and that was a start to a totally stress free camping trip. Unlike last year’s trip, which was marred by clouds and rain, this year we had perfect camping weather — warm sunny days and clear cool nights. It almost made all the work associated with camping worth it!


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