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Mom testers loved the Silimap placemat — Baby Booty

silikidsmapFor baby gear junkies like myself and many of my mama-pals, you go through a lot of unnecessary gear before you find a product and wonder how you ever lived without it. Silimap, by Silikids Inc., is one of those “how did I ever live without it” versatile products.

The Silikids portable, folding silicone placemat is one of those products that works for all ages. This product is a map of the United States and would be great for older kids learning their states. Our mom testers, whose kids were two young for memorizing, were big fans regardless.

One of our testers, Sara Glaser of Arnold said, “This is a product that I love. It’s a great alternative to the disposable plastic placemats that never really work well.”

Toddlers will not be able to knock these placemats off the table quite so easily because the silicone makes them slightly more weighted than your average placemat.

The Silimap has pre-sectioned panels that allows it to fold easily and compactly into a diaper bag without being too big. Additionally, it wipes clean easily and can be tossed in the dishwasher. Our mom tester Sara mentioned that was one of her favorite features.

Overall, this product was a real hit. It is a toxin-free and hypoallergenic product. It incorporates a fun, educational aspect making it functional and incredibly versatile for any age child whether you’re eating at home, out at restaurant or picnicking in the park.

Silimap can be purchased online as well as at select retail locations for $15. Visit the Silikids website for more details.

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Originally from New England, Heidi and her husband settled in Annapolis in 2010. Nowadays, when she’s not chasing her overly-energetic toddler son around, she works as a marketing manager for a local boutique marketing agency and is involved in the Junior League of Annapolis, Inc. Outside of the office, you can often find Heidi hunting for the next great deal in baby gear, training for a race or enjoying her family and all of the food and culture the greater Annapolis area has to offer.

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