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Mom version of a sick day — Mommy Daze

Boy oh boy have my “sick days” changed since I’ve had kids. I wasn’t one to call out of work for being sick very often back in the day but occasionally, when I worked at a radio station in Virginia and commuted an hour on the metro every day, I would throw in the towel and take a sick day. My husband worked from home at the time so I was totally pampered. He would bring me lunch in bed, deliver tea at my beck and call and snuggle with me on the couch while we watched movies by the fire with tissue box in hand. Oh, those were the days.

MomSickDay WI don’t believe it matters whether you’re a stay-at-home mom or not, a “sick day” as a mother just blows. Even if you’re taking off work to stay home sick, your kids don’t care. You get no sympathy, no pampering and sometimes no tissues if you have snotty-nosed toddlers using 58 tissues at a time to blow their noses. There’s no sleeping in to fight off a cold or stomach flu. Even if you’re blessed like I am and have a husband with flexible hours who can stay home to help out, those kids have a way of sneaking away from Daddy to go “check on Mommy.” This means in a matter of minutes they are leaping on the bed, prying open my eyes and asking, “Are you sleeping? Daddy says you need to be sleeping!”

One of the most epic “sick days” I can remember was when I was about 8 months pregnant with my second son and came down with the flu. My older son, James, was not quite 2 but in the throws of the terrible 2s. I woke up feeling awful and it only got worse as the day went on. I honestly don’t remember what I fed my child that day or what we did. It was all a feverish blur.

When my husband finally came home around 6 p.m., I was laying on the cool tile of our kitchen floor, James was in a T-shirt and diaper, and I think there was a half-eaten roll of Ritz crackers in my hand. I remember trying to will myself to get up and just couldn’t. Every now and then James would come over, put his little hand on my face and say, “You okay mama?” then skip off to play with something I probably didn’t usually let him play with. I have never been happier to climb into my bed than I was that evening. I probably slept 15 hours straight.

Fast forward a few years, and now my “sick days” are spent slugging around the house in pajamas all day, being snappy at my kids, turning the other way as they watch TV well past the regular allotted TV time, re-heating the same cup of tea four times, eating chicken noodle soup and selfishly not sharing my crackers. Seriously, if I’m not going to get paid overtime for this, I’m not sharing my Ritz.

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Mandy Watts is a stay-at-home mom who lives in Crownsville with her husband, Justin, who runs their family business, and their two sons, 4-year-old James and 2-year-old Luke.

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