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Monthly Education Focused E-newsletters

Parents are eager for information about the education of their children, especially when it is based on local trends and information.

Chesapeake Family Life has combined informative educational e-newsletters with a design that will increase the web traffic of participating schools through the use of entertaining and/or informative content. Web links from the e-newsletters can be directed to any page you choose. The use of videos, games, worksheets and helpful checklists are encouraged.

Each month there will be the opportunity for one “Exceptional Teacher Highlight” (first come, first served)

We can also let you know what content will be included in the monthly newsletter so you can make sure it best suits your school.

Guidelines: Logo, 35 intro words, contact information, web link. Your 35 words can be used as an introduction to an article or download that will be available on your website. Use this opportunity to engage parents and encourage them to go to your website. (Particular attention will be paid to formatting these ads as more than half will most likely be opened on a hand-held device.)

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