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Mother’s Day Crafts at Home

Maybe you’ve seen the meme that reminds dads that your kids’ teachers won’t be sending the kids home with homemade Mother’s Day crafts this year? Well, we’re here to help!

Here are a dozen or so crafts that you can make for the mom in the house with minimal supplies and a little art time with the kids to create fun and memorable keepsakes for moms.

Flowers for Mom 

Check out these fun, 3D flower crafts.

Tulip in a Heart Card Valentines Day Craft for Kids












Paper Tulip Card
This is a simple card to make, using only construction paper, scissors and glue, but it delivers a nice 3D punch!

FeltFlowerBouquet Main How To Image






Felt Flowers
Felt, buttons, wooden dowels or straws, and an unusued flowerpot, and you’ve got a cute desk decoration for mom’s new home office!

A Sweet Paper Flower Bowl Mothers Day Craft at B Inspired Mama







Flower Bowl
Print out some pretty flowers and glue them over a plastic wrapped bowl for a great knick-knack for mom’s rings or earrings!


cupcake liner flower card 4 1









Cupcake Liner Card
Pantry staples can double as craft supplies when they look like flowers! Use cupcake liners, a few buttons and markers to make a simple but thoughtful card for mom.


Craft Stick Projects

Whether they’re former popsicle sticks or wider craft sticks from the store, these wooden workhorses are where it’s at when it comes to kids crafts. Make picture frames, flower stems and even earring holders for moms.

Craft Stick Flower Pots 4







Craft stick Flower Pot
An empty can, some colorful craft sticks and a glue gun, and you’ve got a lovely planter for mom to enjoy. Fill it with something as lovely as she is!

earing holder








Earring Holder
This simple, yet adorable craft is perfect for a little one who loves watching mom get ready for her day or evening out!

craftstickphotoframe blue







Photo Frames
There is no shortage of fun photo frames to be made from craft sticks online. We like this one for its simplicity. Frames are easy to make and can be jazzed up with any type of beads, buttons or shiny things the kids can find around the house. If you don’t have a printed photo to use of the kids at the moment, have them draw a self-portrait, or picture of Mom’s favorite flowers.

Handprint Art
Nothing says Mother’s Day like handprint crafts. Here are some easy ones to make with just a few things on hand.

HandprintBouquet Main How To Image





Handprint Bouquet

Kids love a good paint handprint, and this simple project only requires hands and some pipe cleaners. 

owl always love you








Owl Always Love You
Turn hands into adorable owls with some Googly eyes and paint.


Handprint and Footprint Flower Craft for Mothers Day 11 copy e1486407832763









Handprint Flowers with Footprint Vases
Don’t forget their little feet!


When the world stayed at home







The Way We Were
Get mom in the picture and capture this moment in time together.


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