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Mother’s Day Flowers—In the Eye of the Beholder

Go beyond the bouquet for Mother's Day!

During my childhood, the Mother’s Day flower that my mother cherished most was the humble dandelion. She loved the simplicity of this fragrant yellow yard flower. When spotted in the green grass, she would say they were growing just for her. My siblings and I loved to pick them by the handful and give them to her. She loved the thought behind this simple gesture and we loved the feeling of giving her “beautiful” flowers.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and to this day, my mother will lovingly care for a handful of dandelions just as she would an expensive bouquet of roses.

Now that I’m a mother myself, I also cherish hand picked flowers. My kids choose daffodils over dandelions, but the sentiment is lovingly the same. I love being the recipient of all kinds of flowers, especially on Mother’s Day, whether they are hand picked from the yard or come from a fancy florist. 

This Mother’s Day, celebrate your Mom with her favorite flower, whether it’s a potted plant, flowering shrub, or even handpicked yard flowers. No matter the flower, all undoubtedly come with that wonderful sweet sentiment of ‘I love you, Mom!”

Picking Yard Flowers

This requires a bit of planning, but beautiful yard flowers like daffodils and tulips are perennials and will come back every year. You can purchase the bulbs and plant them in the fall. The suggested temperature is 60 degrees or less, which in Maryland usually is in the months of September or October. Plant the bulbs with their pointy ends up about 4 inches deep and 4–5 inches apart, then water once, and wait for spring to arrive to watch your Mother’s Day flowers blossom.

Flowery Gardens

Does your mom love working in the garden? Flowering shrubs not only add gorgeous color to the landscape but also attract pollinators like bees. It’s a win-win to have flowering shrubs like azaleas and lilac bushes for their color and scent. If larger plants like these won’t fit into your yard, grab a seed packet of morning glories or wildflowers to spread over soft soil, water gently, and watch as they bloom!

Got Allergies?

Can’t bring a flower bouquet into the house because of pollen? Try adopting a spider plant! This potted plant is one of the most adaptable house plants and requires little maintenance. It provides the benefits of greenery inside your home and as it grows, it can be separated to create multiple pots, making it easy to share the gift for next year’s Mother’s Day!

Don’t Throw This Bouquet!

Local florists have a wide variety of options for beautiful arrangements of all types of flowers. Many use seasonal flowers and greenery, and even big online retailers like Flowers.com use local florists to deliver that special bouquet. Options abound with baskets, vases, or potted selections, as well as a range of price. As a personal aside: I called a local florist to send flowers to my mother during a stay in the hospital, gave them a price range and the creativity to create a bouquet. It was exceptionally beautiful and not only brightened the hospital room, but the smile on my mother’s face.

Looking for Native Plants? Check out these great ways to foster a native garden!

Blooming Trees

When I was 6 years old, my parents took me and my siblings to a sunrise view of the cherry blossoms in Washington, D.C. Years later, I revealed that what I remembered was not the sunrise nor the Tidal Basin surrounded by thousands of cherry blossom trees in bloom, it was the fact that we went to McDonald’s for breakfast. The good news is, now that I am grown I do have an appreciation for beauty like that.

If you’re looking for a flowering tree, cherry blossoms, magnolias and dogwoods do well in Maryland soil. Once planted properly, they require little care. Keep in mind that they start out small but can grow to be quite large. So make sure you have room for their roots as well as their branches.

So maybe my mother would like a cherry blossom tree for Mother’s Day this year in addition to a belated apology? 

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