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Move it! Kid Powered Fun for a Maryland Summer

What sounds make you think of summer? The ding-a-ling of the ice cream truck? The grumble of a far-off lawnmower? Or the whine of “Mommmmmmm, I’m boorrrrrrrrred?” 

We can end that infernal complaint, and we can do it without turning on a TV or a video game system. There are plenty of family events and things to do with kids this summer in Maryland, and many of them are kid-friendly family events, including hiking, biking, swimming and rock climbing (as well as some museums and amusement parks.) Sure, we’re repeating the mom-mantra of “Go outside and play,” but this isn’t the neighborhood playground. We’ve gathered up over 50 kid- and family-friendly things to do in Maryland, Virginia and Pennsylvania where kids can get out and make their own fun, whether by hiking, biking, swimming, paddling or climbing. Because summer is the time to get out and get moving.

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