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Movie Alert: The Last House on the Left (R)

We won’t be reviewing the just-released horror film “Last House on the Left,” but we felt that parents should know that the film is rated R. This wouldn’t be a problem, since kids under 17 shouldn’t be allowed to see R-rated films without their parents, but we also live in the real world (and both our reviewers can attest that, when we have reviewed R-rated films, kids under 17 were certainly in attendance.) We particularly wanted to call parents’ attention to the fact that the film (which we have not seen) apparently has a particularly graphic and horrifying rape scene.

Had the film been rated NC-17, children would not be allowed in the theater with or without parents, and theaters would be much more vigilant about checking IDs (we would hope.) But since it’s rated R, chances are your teenagers are going to be allowed to buy tickets and see this film in theaters. Hopefully they won’t, but please be aware that this might occur.

For more about the movie, including viewing the trailer (which does not contain the rape scene, although it does contain violence), go to Jezebel.com.

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