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Movie Review: Despicable Me (PG)

“Despicable” Meh.

By Kristen Page-Kirby

There’s nothing wrong with “Despicable Me” that not making the movie in the first place wouldn’t fix.

It’s not that the animated film is really that bad. It’s just entirely unnecessary, with a script cobbled together from clichés and characters constructed with as much depth as a paddling pool. “Despicable Me” might have flown as summer fun ten years ago, but with animated films like “Up,” “The Incredibles” and this summer’s “Toy Story 3” proving that cartoons aren’t just for kids, parents should be less likely to shrug and see this simply because there’s nothing else out there (particularly since the 3-D format, entirely pointless but for a funny bit over the end credits, will jack up the ticket prices.)

The usually brilliant Steve Carell voices Gru, a second-tier villain who wants to steal the moon. He does, but then Vector (Jason Segal) steals it from him. Through a tiresome and contrived manner Gru decides that adopting three cookie-selling orphans will get him into Vector’s lair, and then they melt his heart blah blah blah seriously just see something else.

There are some giggles, if you’re not too picky. The minions look like living, green stress balls with goggles, and they’re kind of funny. A joke about Lehman brothers got laughs from the adults in the office, but even that felt cheap—an easy shot.

But mostly the movie is flat and weightless. It has nothing new in terms of story or character or moviemaking to show us. There’s little objectionable material (mostly talk of farting and butts and the like), so it’s appropriate for all ages. And most kids might enjoy it. But as for the adults, I’d either bring a book and a small light or just take the time to nap in the air conditioning.


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