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Movie Review: Hop (PG)

hopBy Mary McCarthy, Editor

FINALLY. A movie about Easter! Take that, 1,264,983 Christmas movies!

I attended the screening of Hop with my almost-13 year old and 8 year old daughters and my 5 year old son. Happily (hoppily?) I can report that all three of them really enjoyed it.

But the best news? Is that I did, too.

I guess I’ve become more picky since I started reviewing films and going to the movies so often. At first, I was gushing about how wonderful every movie was. Now, if a movie isn’t great, I’m not afraid to say it.

Simply put: I enjoy movies that entertain parents while they are entertaining the children. After all, WE have to drive them there, buy the popcorn (and sodas and candy.. of course, that’s more for me…), pay for parking, etc etc. Therefore, I appreciate it when writers make an effort to craft intelligent language into a film that kids OF ALL AGES will enjoy.

Hop fills the bill.

Russell Brand is fabulous as “E.B.,” the slacker teenage son of the Easter Bunny, determined to go to Hollywood and play drums in a rock band instead of painting easter eggs at the Easter Island underground headquarters of his holiday icon dad.

The human counterpart to E.B. is Fred O’Hare, played by James Marsden of Enchanted Prince Charming fame. His character is a slacker teenage son of the dad character played by Gary Cole, who I can’t see without thinking of TPS reports and coffee mugs in Office Space.

The action-filled plot revolves around Fred’s ambition to do something with his life, and the fact that he’s destined to become the first human Easter Bunny sounds weird and farfetched to say- but somehow it works. The mix of live action and animation is the best yet (far superior to Who Framed Roger Rabbit back in the day).

Russell Brand has a hilarious cameo in the movie and it’s funny when EB sees his voice’s human in a dressing room mirror. David Hasselhoff is hysterical as himself, naturally, and randomly- Chelsea Handler is in the film (who better to appear in a children’s film that a foul-mouthed Vodka-swilling late night talk show host who writes books about one night stands?), though her character is in no way funny- a waste of her talent (I mean, it’s not like she’s trying to be taken seriously as an actress now doing the movie “Hop.”)

The underground chocolate-making factory is really fun, and the evil “Peep”-like chicks, pink ninja bunnies, and other fun details keep the pace moving along.

All in all, I’d say it’s a fun movie for the whole family.

You might even say it’s ‘eggcelent.’ Heh.

It’s rated PG for ‘mild rude humor.’ Whatever that means. Certainly nothing offensive enough that I can even remember what it was. The Easter Bunny poops jellybeans, and a girl eats one. That could be it, I guess, but needless to say, that was the part my kids were giggling about on the way home.

Chesapeake Family Editor Mary McCarthy is a huge Peeps fan, so she was mildly offended at the negative portrayal of the yellow chicks in the film.



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