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Movie Review: Tangled (PG)

Tangled-Movie-PosterToday marks the release of Disney’s 50th animated classic, Tangled.

The fairy tale story of Rapunzel unfolds with Disney’s best humor to date, memorable characters, and an action-filled plot sure to delight Disney fans of all ages.

Rapunzel (played by Mandy Moore) is a cool-girl role model who, on a scale from Snow White to Mulan, lands from her high tower firmly in the Belle range of smart, sassy, and save-yourself. She has a fantastic sidekick, Pascal the chameleon, who without words brings plenty of laughs. Although unlike the vast majority of other Disney heroines (besides Sleeping Beauty), Rapunzel actually has two living parents, she’s snatched from them at birth by an evil Broadway-villain woman who sees the baby has been enchanted by the fountain-of-youth flower (with long magical hair) and wants the free lifetime Botox.

Mother Gothel (Donna Murphy) is deliciously wicked as the reason Rapunzel is locked in a tower- in fact; she’ll be very scary at different points for young theatregoers (particularly her graphic demise) and represents the most dysfunctional family upbringing and full on snark to date in a Disney film. (Somebody’s been watching Dreamworks movies!)

The Prince in Tangled is no prince, but rather an Aladdin-like thief played with plenty of personalty by Zachary Levi (“Here comes the smolder…”). His name is Flynn Rider, which turns out to be the name he’s given himself so he doesn’t have to go by his real name… Eugene. His band of thugs, hilarious enemy horse, and lack-of-swoon/equal partnership with Rapunzel makes him a fun character- Disney scores big points for making a “Princess” film with a male hero boys will enjoy watching, too. (And my 12 year old daughter, who saw this film with me, remarked that for an animated character… “He’s hot!”)

Yeah, it’s a 3D movie, though I’m starting to think people are making films in 3D just so they can say they did and not because the film actually needs to be in 3D to be enjoyed. All things being equal, I already wear glasses, so I’m not thrilled about wearing another pair on top of them unless it’s really necessary– which I’m not convinced it was in this movie.

Nevertheless, it’s my favorite Disney movie in a long time. Never overly gushy yet perfectly romantic, full of thrilling action sequences, and featuring great music by the genius Alan Menken and a healthy dose of well-written humor, this is a movie not to miss with the kids over the holidays this year.

Tangled is rated PG, and for good reason. I can’t say i’d recommend it for kids under 4 (depending on the kid and what other movies they’ve experienced) due to some scary/violent scenes.

For trailers and more info visit Disney’s Tangled.

Mary McCarthy is Editor of Chesapeake Family and her favorite Disney characters are Maleficent and the Evil Queen, among other villains. If forced to choose a princess, it would be Belle, though Rapunzel is possibly in second now.

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