MSA scores continuing to improve


MSAElementary school reading and mathematics MSA scores continued to improve in 2012, both nearing 90 percent proficiency on a statewide basis, according to data released July 11 by the Maryland State Department of Education. Middle school mathematics scores also increased according to the data.

The percentage of elementary students scoring at the proficient levels in reading increased from 88 percent in 2011 to 88.2 percent in 2012, while the percentage of elementary students reaching proficiency in mathematics improved from 86.3 percent to 87.7 percent. At the middle school level, the percentage of students scoring proficient in reading dipped slightly from 83.5 in 2011 to 82.1 percent in 2012, while the percentage of proficient students in mathematics rose from 73.7 percent last year to 76.2 percent.

The scores continue the steady progress made over the past nine years. Composite elementary reading scores have increased 26.2 points since 2003, while mathematics scores are up 27.7 points. Composite middle school reading scores are up 22.2 points since 2003, and mathematics has increased a dramatic 36.6 points.

“Our students continue to make outstanding progress on the Maryland School Assessments,” said Governor Martin O’Malley. “In this rapidly changing, increasingly knowledge-based global economy, the most important modern investments we make are in the talents, skills, education, creativity and ingenuity of our people. Thanks to the hard work of our educators, administrators, parents and students, Maryland’s number-one ranked public schools are leading the way in preparing our children for a better future.”

State Superintendent of Schools Lillian M. Lowery said the results point to the important work taking place in our classrooms, providing strong instruction for all students. “Our teachers, our administrators, our parents, and our students are working together to move schools forward,” she said. “Education is the cornerstone to Maryland’s future, and I believe we’re building a strong foundation for decades to come.”