Music Therapy


Today we talk about opportunities for neurodivergent musicians, disability rights, and music therapy. Joining us are CJ Shiloh, owner of Annapolis Music Therapy Services and co-founder of the Musical Autist, Naomi Davis, an instructor with The Musical Autist, and Will Swartz, a board member of The Musical Autist and participant of the organization’s Troupe.

We explain neurodiversity and how neurodivergent individuals-including musicians, and those on the autism spectrum, learn differently or experience music differently.

Topics covered include:

What is The Musical Autist?

What does it celebrate and what does it provide for those on the spectrum? What is music therapy?

What does self-advocacy look like when it comes to neurodivergent musicians? Why is this important?

What are sensory-friendly concerts? Examples and why are they important to provide for the community?

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