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My mom would have loved to have a tracking app on me — FranklyStein

TeenMeThere were times when I was a teenager that I’m sure my mom would have welcomed an app to track my whereabouts. Of course, back then, the option to even call me on a cellphone to ask where I was would have been preferable to setting out to find me in the middle of the night. Which she did at least once.

We ran a story this month about Should you track your teen with an app? to track them. There’s a bit of a debate as to whether these apps are a wonderful parenting tool or a total invasion of privacy. Some think the apps break down trust that’s already tenuous between teens and their parents. Others say anyone who thinks that has never had a teenager who needs to be tracked.

As a teen, I had a pretty good relationship with my parents. There weren’t many secrets, but then they were pretty permissive. There were a few times, however, that I didn’t come home when I said I would, and they were left wringing their hands, wondering where I was. Back then, I don’t think I would have found it an invasion of privacy if they had decided to track me. But I wasn’t really sneaking around. If I had been, they would have had even more of a right to check up on me.

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