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New book takes kids on historic adventure through Annapolis

boomerWant to teach your little ones about all of the history right here in Annapolis, the capital of Maryland? Check out the new book “Boomer Explores Annapolis” by Annapolis native Angelique Clarke.

In the children’s book, Boomer the dog gets loose from his Annapolis home and visits such places as the Charles Carroll House, City Dock and the State House before his owner, Bridget, finds him.

The idea for the book occurred to Clarke as she was picking up her older daughter from school in downtown Annapolis each day.

“I began pointing out various historic sites to all my kids on our drive home and asking them if they knew what each was,” she said. “When they couldn’t answer, I realized it was up to me to teach them about this wonderful place that they were growing up in. So this story was born.”

Bridget is Clarke’s oldest daughter and Boomer is her stuffed dog that she has had since she was a baby. Clarke also has a daughter, Niamh, 6, and a son Patrick, 3, as well as two dogs.

“My children love the book because they have grown up with Boomer and to see him come to life has been quite endearing,” Clarke said.

She recently read the book to a local kindergarten class and was stopped many times by the students because they were so excited to have been to places Boomer was exploring, she said.

“I was also sent a ‘blog’ post in which a teacher had turned ‘Boomer Explores Annapolis’ into a lesson plan for her class,” Clarke said. “Even though she lives in a different state, she used his adventures to teach her class about their hometown.”

Clarke will do a book signing at the Annapolis Bookstore on Maryland Avenue April 22 starting at 10 a.m. and will do a reading for kids at 2 p.m. She is currently working on other Boomer books including one in which he will explore the Navel Academy, she said.

Photo: Author Angelique Clarke, her daughter, Bridget, and Boomer the dog.

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