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New device is a cheater’s worst nightmare

pockethoundA new handheld device that detects unauthorized cell phone use in the classroom could allow teachers to crack down on students who are using their cell phones to cheat on assignments. The new device, called the PocketHound, was created by Berkeley Varitronics Systems. It vibrates and lights up when it detects unauthorize cell phone use in the area.

“Students are tempted during exam time to do a quick search on Google for the answer that slipped their mind,” says BVS CEO Scott Schober. “There is also a temptation to text their buddy sitting across the room asking for some assistance. Many students are so proficient at texting they don’t need to look at the keyboard for more than a millisecond. They hide their mobile phone under their desk, between their legs, or in their pocket, making it all the more challenging to catch the culprit.”

For more informaiton about the PocketHound, see bvsystems.com.

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