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Resource for parents as kids head back to school

Back to schoolWondering how best to help your kids this school year? Here’s a tool that can help! A website called “Be A Learning Hero” offers a roadmap for parents to navigate the changes happening in the classrooms in Maryland and across the country so they can help their children be successful in school.

Put together by the National PTA, Common Sense Media, Scholastic and other organizations, “Be A Learning Hero” can answer questions from second-grade homework help to what you should know about your child’s student record and much more.

“We are a guide, helping your play an active role in your child’s education,” the website states.

“Be A Learning Hero” has a back-to-school list just for parents called The Super 5 — the top habits and priorities of parents who want to help their children succeed in the classroom.

  1. Keep the Goal in Mind: Learn what the specific learning goals are for your child’s new grade.
  2. Maximize Your Child’s Potential: Know where your child excels and where there is room to grow.
  3. Be Involved: Spend time in your child’s school and be in regular contact with his or her teacher.
  4. Character Counts: Promote your child’s emotional intelligence — it matters for academic success.
  5. Bring It Home: Make home another space for learning, and get tools for boosting your child’s math and English skills at the kitchen table.

To learn more about The Super 5 and “Be A Learning Hero” visit the website, bealearninghero.org

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