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No Business Risk = Being Left Behind

There is no doubt that these days there isn’t much positive economic news being written about, broadcast or on the web. I had to stop my brief, but daily, fix of “Morning Joe” along with keeping my eye on the bouncing Dow. It was too upsetting. I’m a planner and I couldn’t plan when there was so much uncertainty. I was being dragged through the grim prospects for an economic recovery with millions of other American business owners. Hoping that the economy will improve soon is not a good business plan.

Fortunately I finally snapped out of it. I turned off the news and stopped checking financial websites. I started setting goals and making plans again. I was back on track and charting my company’s future instead of trying to hang on to what was.

I recently came across the following by Heidi Grant Halvorson,“The recession caused people to focus on what they had to lose, rather than what they had to gain. But without some risk-taking, there is no innovation or growth for your company. To help others embrace risk, pitch ideas in their terms. Show them the horrible mistake they’ll avoid by seizing your forward-thinking idea. Position it not as getting out in front, but as not being left behind. People nowadays won’t rock the boat unless you show them it’s going to rock anyway.”

It’s true, in the climate of 2011 the boat is going to rock regardless of whether a business owner makes changes or tries to maintain the status quo. With a forward looking eye I’m gently moving our team ahead by taking measured risks. We are ditching what doesn’t work and trying new things.

The new things don’t always work exactly right at first but we’ll get there. We’ve made plenty of mistakes but are undoubtedly moving forward and in the current economic climate – that’s pretty good. Enjoy the bloopers from our new video studio. As you can tell we still don’t have the lighting right and we’ve forgotten to turn on the microphone more than once, but we’re getting better at it every week.

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