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Not too spooky TV shows for tots — Mommy Daze

I love Halloween, but having small children means toning down a little on the scariness of the holiday.

This year, however, my boys, ages 3 and almost 5, have been getting into the festivities with me. They’ve helped me make spooky ghosts and bats to hang in our trees and have been putting up decorations around the house. They have even joyfully made Halloween crafts, played games and gone on scavenger hunts. I have been loving every second of it.

So to keep with the ghoulish fun, I’ve researched specific television show episodes that focus on Halloween. The kids and I enjoyed looking up some of these shows on Netflix and Amazon Prime, but most of them can also be found on YouTube, and websites such as PBS.org and DisneyJunior.com. Some can even be found in the video section of your local library.

I sat and watched the episodes with the boys because even though they’re getting braver this year, Halloween can still be frightening for preschoolers. I didn’t want these shows to reinforce any fears. About halfway through watching the “Trilogy of Terror” episode of Phineas & Ferb, we all decided it was a show for “older kids” and not appropriate for us. But here are a few you may want to enjoy with your kiddos this Halloween season. Each one is followed by the season and episode number to help in your search.

Mom approved Halloween shows for kids

Super Why, “The Ghost Who Was Afraid of Halloween” (S01, E35)
My 3-year-old, Luke, adores this episode. It shows how a ghost that’s afraid of Halloween learns that everything scary is actually just pretend. He realizes there’s nothing to fear and that Halloween can be really fun. Luke now likes going up to decorations in stores and proudly saying, “See Mom, it’s just pretend!”

Sofia the First, “Princess Butterfly” (S01, E19)
Both boys enjoyed this episode where Sofia and the others have to create their own costumes for their school’s Halloween dance. It’s full of festive Halloween decor, whimsical costumed characters, and teaches a great lesson on dishonesty and its consequences.
The “Ghostly Gala” (S02, E13) is another fun episode, but more focused on the spooky aspects of Halloween so perhaps better for 4-6-year-olds.

Little Einsteins, “A Little Einsteins Halloween” (S01, E11)
I love how this show entertains toddlers and preschoolers with its focus on classical music, famous art, historical landmarks and problem solving. This particular episode has the characters trying to get enough treats for their Halloween party by trick-or-treating at various famous castles around the world. The only part that spooked my 3-year-old was the ghost that kept following them from castle to castle. It bothered him that the ghost wasn’t pretend, but was “real.” Luckily, the happy ending seemed to diffuse his fears.

Jake & the Neverland Pirates, “Night of the Golden Pumpkin/Trick or Treasure” (S01, E22)
This was a fun episode for both my boys, though my almost 5-year-old especially enjoyed laughing at the goofy antics of Captain Hook. The Golden Pumpkin episode may seem a little scary near the end when it appears to float up in the sky on its own. My boys particularly enjoyed the “Trick or Treasure” episode since we have the book that matches that story. Again, it’s a little scary at the end when Jake’s pirate ship seems to have glowing eyes that frighten away Captain Hook and Smee.

Daniel Tiger, “Katerina’s Costume /“Dress Up Day” (S01, E31)
Though this episode doesn’t specifically focus on Halloween, it touches on some issues that kids may have with wearing costumes. And as we all know, when Daniel Tiger sings a little song about it, it makes everything all better.

Backyardigans, “It’s Great to be a Ghost” (S01, E09)
Both my boys enjoy the fun songs, silly dances and quirky characters in this show. This episode specifically helped my 3-year-old have a new, fun outlook on “spooky” ghosts, and was humming the songs all afternoon.

Though we didn’t get to watch all of them, here is a list of some other show episodes you might want to check out with your kids. Happy Halloween!

  • Berenstain Bears, “Trick or Treat” (S03, E11)
  • Blue’s Clues, “What is Blue Afraid Of?” (S01, E18)
  • Blue’s Clues, “Blue’s Big Costume Party” (S03, E21)
  • Bubble Guppies, “Haunted House Party” (S01, E20)
  • Doc McStuffins, “Boo-Hoo To You! / It’s Glow Time” (S01, E23)
  • Doc McStuffins, “Hallie Halloween / Don’t Fence Me In” (S03, E11)
  • Dora the Explorer, “Boo” (S03, E16)
  • Dora the Explorer, “Halloween Parade” (S06, E12)
  • Go Diego Go!, “Freddie the Fruit Bat Saves Halloween” (S03, E16)
  • Jake & the Neverland Pirates, “Tricks, Treats, & Treasure” (S02, E13)
  • Max & Ruby, “Max’s Halloween / Ruby’s Leaf Collection / The Blue Tarantula” (S01, E05)
  • Max & Ruby, “”Max and Ruby’s Perfect Pumpkin / Max’s Jack-O-Lantern / Max’s Big Boo!” (S03, E11)
  • Max & Ruby, “Ruby & The Beast / Max and Ruby’s Halloween House / Max’s Trick or Treat” (S05, E21)
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, “Mickey’s Treat” (S01, E17)
  • Paw Patrol, “Pups & the Ghost Pirate” (S01, E10)
  • Peg + Cat, “The Parade Problem / The Halloween Problem” (S01, E07)
  • Sid the Science Kid, “Halloween Spooky Science” (S02, E24)
  • Special Agent Oso, “A View to a Mask / Pumpkin Eyes” (S02, E10)
  • WordWorld, “A Kooky Spooky Halloween / Sheep’s Halloween Costume” (S01, E25)
  • Yo Gabba Gabba!, “Halloween” (S01, E10)
  • Zou, “A Halloween Hunt” (S01, E24)

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Mandy Watts is a stay-at-home mom who lives in Crownsville with her husband, Justin, who runs their family business, and their two sons, 4-year-old James and 3-year-old Luke.

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