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Oasis Focuses on the Entire Family’s Mental Health Wellbeing

Have you tried to find a counselor who can help with the unique needs of your young child or adolescent, only to be frustrated?

Do you feel you no longer are communicating with your spouse? Are the pressures and stresses of daily life impacting your family life?

At Oasis: The Center for Mental Health we strive to provide counseling and patient care for the entire family. For example, Oasis’ Child and Adolescent Team, a first among area providers, takes a collaborative approach in treating children as young as age 4. The team includes a psychologist, licensed clinical professional counselors, a nurse practitioner and a social worker. Their focus spans the most common mental health concerns affecting the younger age group including anxiety, depression, ADHD, mood disorders, behavior problems, and substance abuse.

Oasis’ team members also provide counseling for families going through divorce, grief, or trauma. Caring for aging parents or terminally ill family members can create an often unbearable situation for those family members having to deal with not only coordinating medical care, but also the emotional strain of seeing their loved one sick. “Support and guidance for parents and caregivers is an important part of the treatment process,” says Gwen Condon, team coordinator. An Annapolis resident, Gwen is a licensed clinical professional counselor with more than 10 years of experience.

Treatment for young patients can include testing, therapy and medication. Oasis assigns a patient advocate to coordinate follow-up care with primary care doctors and contact school administrators when appropriate. We want to marshal our resources in the most efficient and effective way to meet the challenges we face in treating children, teens and adults. Our dedicated team helps us do this. In my more than 40 years of practice, I have not seen the frequency and severity of need that we have today.

If you believe Oasis can help you find your mental health wellbeing, I urge you to contact us. Don’t wait. Studies show early diagnosis and treatment are the keys to recovery. Visit our website at www.oasismentalhealth.net for more information.

Yours in mental wellness,
Kathy L. Miller, MA LCPC

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