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Off the Beaten Path—Hike at South River Farm Park

You won’t see many people at South River Farm Park in Edgewater, but you probably will see osprey, blue heron and maybe an eagle or two. This park is perfect for hiking and exploring with kids.

Opened to the public in 2015, South River Farm Park has 170 acres of woods, meadow, and beach to explore. Be prepared for adventure since there aren’t trail maps or marked trails for that matter, no facilities, only a picnic table or two in the park. But what a great adventure South River Farm Park can be.


Enter the park from Loch Haven Drive, off of MD 214. There is a big parking area covered in mulch with large tree stumps to suggest where you should park.

The easiest walk is to follow the paved road as it turns into dirt all the way to the South River. Strollers should be able to navigate here. Explorers and kids with energy can then follow the mulched path from the parking area into the woods. The main loop is just over 3 miles and really isn’t good for strollers. Follow the ridge along the cove and around to Mayo Point. There are huge old trees in this forest, lots of downed trees to climb on and rolling slopes to run up and down.

DSCN0023Quiet Waters Park is Across the River

Standing on the hilltop at the end of the dirt road you can see the gazebos at Quiet Waters Park, just across the South River. Eagles and osprey ae often spotted here; it’s a magnificent view. To continue around the peninsula there is a path through the woods that will allow you to walk close to the water. You might have to look for it a little, or scramble down the hillside and walk along the sandy beach. There are multiple opportunities to get to the beach from the woods as you hike along.

There is a natural point of land that will end your walk on the beach. The water is remarkably clear here. Head back through the woods until you get to the dirt road again. You can walk on the road back to where you parked or look for a footpath through the woods just past the little pond of water. This path will bring you to the big meadow near your car.

This is a pack-in, pack-out park. Whatever you came in with, make sure you leave with it too. In fact I often bring a trash bag with me and pick up debris along the beach. That makes it better for everyone.

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