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One Mom’s War on Video Games

A Rant on my war with video games:

This weekend I took the PS3 away from my kids for the weekend due to behavior issues. This was on a weekend they had a sleepover. Their response: “Well then what are we going to do all night without the video games? They might as well not come over!!” (whining, crying, complaining) Lindsey Ellison

And this is where I realized there is a much larger problem at hand – not just with my kids but with every child today who owns a game station console. What ever happened to building forts, playing games, telling stories? In the warmer months I tell them to go play outside and ride their bikes. They do so for 10 minutes and come home because they are “bored.” When I was a kid, we rode our bikes for hours, or we would play touch football with all the neighborhood kids and didn’t come home until it was dark. Now, kids aren’t outside at all, because everyone is home playing video games. They have lost all creativity on how to socialize and come up with games of their own.

Kids have no idea of what “GAME OVER” means. Why? Because games don’t ever stop. They are designed to be played for hours and hours. What if video games just didn’t exist? Wouldn’t kids be outside more? Perhaps parents could ban videogames nationwide for 1 month… we could call it “National Video Game Awareness Month.” How novel would that be? Could parents actually do it?

Well we’ve done it. The PS3 is gone… unplugged. Game over for good. It will be war here at my house as they are going to be forced to learn how to actually play. Wish us luck and see you on the other side!!

Lindsey has written for Chesapeake Family, her latest article was about taking her kids to Yellowstone, and she was our fill-in editor when Kristen Page-Kirby had a baby. She lives in Annapolis with her two boys. Lindsey was kind enough to let us repost her FaceBook post on ChesapeakeFamily.com

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