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Out with the old – Lisa on Point

ThinkstockPhotos 856564654Quick. While no one’s looking get all of that stuff out of your house. I think a lot of people have the same thought. I stopped by the Goodwill the first week of the year and it was crazy. A line of cars wrapped around the parking lot.

Because of the holidays a lot of recycling sat in my garage for weeks. Finally it got picked up the second week of January. We accumulate so much stuff during the year and then the holidays come around and with more gifts and more holiday trimmings there’s even more stuff.

So out with the old and in with the new. But around my house you can’t let too many people see you getting rid of the old stuff. My daughter Grace and her father are the hoarders in the house. Except that Grace will get rid of clothing she no longer wants and take it to the Goodwill.

My daughter Paige is more like me. She can’t stand clutter. So much so that when she comes home she just starts moving things around and putting them in the garage to be thrown out. Then we have to search all over for papers and things she’s moved. We got a new stove and microwave. The old one remained on the counter. One of the first things she did when she came in the house was move it to the garage. Maybe I was just too lazy to do it. I was.

My husband likes to save articles, old school papers, magazines, things he feels nostalgic about and it piles up. There’s a ton of stuff in the basement I can’t wait to get rid of. After having to deal with my parents home after they passed away I fear having too much stuff around. I don’t want my kids to have to deal with it all.

So I am about to scour the house over the next few weeks and purge. I love all of the things my kids have made for me over the years. I also like to look at all of their school work that has been saved. But enough already. I tried to throw out a box of elementary school papers that belonged to my girls and my husband caught me in the act and retrieved it. I swear I am going to go through it and save a few outstanding papers and get rid of the rest. I tried to throw out my old stereo. He found that and put it back in the basement. It’s mine. If I want to throw it out I should be able to.

Do I need to save every picture my kids have ever drawn? I don’t think I am obligated.

Of course I am little guilty. I have 20 plus pairs of boots. A number of purses. I’ll leave it at that. And lots of books. But aren’t those worthy items to hold on to? I will say that if I haven’t worn a piece clothing for a year, I get rid of it. We hold on to things thinking one day we’ll need it or want to look at it. Am I ever going to wear a pair of high heeled platform boots again? Maybe. Let me know if you want to borrow them. Size eight and a half. Happy purging.

Lisa Robinson is the mother of two amazing young women. She is a freelance writer for several Baltimore area magazines, including Chesapeake Family Life. Lisa works as a news anchor and investigative reporter for WBAL-TV in Baltimore. When she’s not dealing with the drama of her two daughters, she’s busy cooking, working out, hosting her friends for get-to-getters, reading, and writing a non-fiction book. Lisa is one of the funniest people you’ll get to know. She relishes in saying the things others are afraid to. You can catch up with Lisa here and on Facebook and Twitter.

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