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Paralympians Train at Kennedy Krieger

This week on Third Floor Views we talk with Gwena and Gerry Herman about the Paralympics, and the Paralympians who have been training at Kennedy Krieger Institute.

Podcast Version:

Herman and her husband Gerry started the Bennett Institute Physically Challenged Sports Program at Kennedy Krieger in 1989.  They have watched programs for disabled athletes flourish in the past three decades. Starting August 24th, three former athletes from their program will compete in the Paralympics: track and field racer Tatyana McFadden, a 17-time medalist; Daniel Romanchuk, also a track and field racer; and wheelchair basketball player Ryan Neiswender. Gwena and Gerry discuss the ways that adaptive sports have grown and why everyone should tune into this year’s Paralympics.

This year the spotlight shines brighter than ever on the world’s Paralympic athletes—and for good reason. “Paralympians put in the hours and the time and the training,” says coach Gwena Herman. “They are athletes just like Olympians, and what they are doing is just as impressive as the able-bodied athletes.”  


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