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PARCC high school test scores released

ThinkstockPhotos 483795612The results of Maryland’s new high school assessment have been released. The Maryland State Board of Education is calling the scores a new baseline to help to determine if students are on track to graduate ready for college or careers.

Nearly 40 percent of high school students taking the PARCC English 10 assessment last spring scored at a Level 4 and 5 combined — the two highest levels on the PARCC five-point score scale. More than 30 percent of high school students attained Level 4 and 5 combined in algebra I.

For high school, achieving Level 4 or 5 indicates readiness for college and is intended to help students avoid the need to take additional coursework before taking credit-bearing courses beyond high school. The scores required to meet these thresholds were determined over the summer by Maryland educators and their peers around the country.

Local schools’ high school results will be made available by the Maryland State Department of Education on Nov. 5.

“The initial PARCC results represent a new starting line for Maryland students, teachers and families as we strive to better prepare our students to get on track for success after graduation,” said Interim State Superintendent of Schools Jack R. Smith. “But it is important to recognize that this data is only a snapshot; it’s one additional measure to use when viewing the progress of our students, along with many other factors. This is a challenging assessment, and the data reflects that.”

Also released today was the statewide data for Maryland’s first-ever algebra II test. More than 20 percent of students scored at a Level 4 and 5, combined, on that test.

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