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Parent movie reviews for movies released March 8, 2013

Our parent movie reviews let you know which new releases to take your kids to and which ones you may want to hold off on.

 1) Family Review of Oz the Great and Powerful

OzTheGreatAndPowerful ChesapeakeFamilyMovieReviewRating: PG

Disney could have done so much with ‘Oz the Great and Powerful,’ but the film feels peculiarly cold. James Franco doesn’t quite nail it; character development is surprisingly brief; and even the pretty pictures feel repetitive after a while. This isn’t the epic prequel we were hoping for... Read More






2) Family Review of Emperor

Emperor ChesapeakeFamilyMovieReviewRating: PG-13

Emperor’ delivers an expectedly gruff turn from Tommy Lee Jones, a disappointingly stagnant performance from Matthew Fox, and a frustrating plot that is “based on a true story” but actually isn’t at all, really. Better war movies have been made with less... Read More

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