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Parker Place Is Not Your Average Doctor’s Office

Dr. Elizabeth Park, a pediatric endocrinologist, recently opened a medical practice in Annapolis that focuses on educating families on the importance of a healthy lifestyle for the treatment and prevention of medical problems in children and adolescents.

In addition to the medical services that are traditionally offered by pediatric endocrinologists—including treatments for diabetes, pubertal and growth issues, and adrenal and thyroid gland disorders—Parker Place offers educational programs via a membership to build healthy habits as a family. Class offerings include children’s exercise classes like Zumba, yoga, hip hop, circuit training, strength training, Warrior Kids, freeform dance parties and more, as well as classes in cooking, nutrition, gardening, stress management, and parent/caregiver support. Families may be able to pay for a membership with their flex spending account, depending on their individual plan. Memberships are available both for an individual child and for a family starting at $99/month, following a complementary health consultation with Dr. Parker.

ParkerPlaceGrandOpening072818 192According to Parker, “Our target audience is any family looking to optimize their kid’s health and wellness. Kids who may benefit include those with medical issues that may be improved or treated in part or as a whole with changes in lifestyle habits.”

Medically, Parker is happy to see all patients who require the services of a pediatric endocrinologist, with the exception of those with Type 1 Diabetes. However, Parker Place can still help those families work on diet, exercise and blood sugar control, completing the treatment provided by their medical team.
Parker Place accepts most insurance plans for medical services. For more information visit parkerplaceannapolis.com.

—Joyce Heid


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