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Pasadena, MD girl learns as she tends a garden and chickens


Many children with learning disabilities go to tutoring or specialized therapy for help, but one local mom decided to try a different approach.

The Pasadena mom bought chickens and planted a garden to provide her daughter, who was struggling with learning disabilities, a hands-on supplement to what she was learning in the classroom. A few years later, the project has grown into a small business for the girl.

While most 10-year-olds are only responsible for the likes of homework and cleaning their rooms, Allison (whose last name is being withheld at the request of her mother) has a few more chores on her to-do list.

Raising chickens to help with learning difficulties
Elementary school student in Pasadena raises chickens and money

Several times a day, she heads to the large red shed in her backyard that her dad and younger brother converted into a chicken coop. With her green wicker basket in hand, she collects the nearly two-dozen eggs that her 37 hens have laid throughout the day. She then sells the eggs to her neighbors for $2 a dozen and uses the money to feed the chickens.

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