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Pay it Forward in your Community

Nonprofit organizations that help keep our community members fed, house, and safe from harm are facing an uphill battle right now, trying to raise funds, food and shelter for a growing population of people in need.

We spoke to three local nonprofit leaders about what their organizations need right now and into 2021, and how you can best support them as they help all of our neighbors in need.
Jo Ann Mattson of the Light House Shelter in Annapolis
Susan Thomas of the Anne Arundel County Food Bank
Cheri Parlaman of the House of Ruth Maryland

Podcast Version:

Please check out the above organizations and help any way you can. If you’re looking for more ways to give back to other groups, we have a large list of opportunities to help during the holidays and beyond.

If you can’t help financially this season, remember to follow these organizations (or any organization that you’d like to support) on your social media channel of choice, and make sure to like and share posts when you can to get more people involved!
Light House Shelter: Facebook; Instagram
Anne Arundel County Food Bank: Facebook; Instagram; Twitter
House of Ruth: Facebook; Instagram; Twitter

To donate financially to Anne Arundel County Food bank, “food” to 41444 or order from their Amazon wishlist: https://smile.amazon.com/ch/52-1660473

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