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Perfect Gifts Your Child Can Give for Under $15

By Kayleigh Kulp 

You're not the only one fretting about getting the right gifts for loved ones this holiday season. Kids want to do it too.

There are a few personalized items your child can give to each member of the family for under $15. The best part is you'll help get your child excited about giving. 

And sometimes the best gift is a memory. Or at least the preservation of one.

For Mom or Grandma: 

Whether the child is a boy or a girl, a memory book is the perfect gift for Mom or Grandma. For about $12, you can purchase a photo album from Wal-Mart, Target or Michael’s that not only has slots for pictures, but also a space in the left margin to write captions. Have the child choose his/her favorite pictures with the most important women in his/her life and document each one.  This is a gift that keeps on giving–you can add pictures the rest of the year and it lasts forever.

For Dad or Grandpa:

One great thing to know about Dads is that most of them love engaging in sport with their little ones. That’s why two tickets to a local batting cage like Laurel Golf and Recreation is a great gift. It has nine batting cages and for $14, your child and his father can swing at 80 pitches each. 9801 Fort Meade Road, Laurel. 301-725-4646.

For Grandpa:

A gift card to an exciting movie theatre like The Egyptian 24 in Arundel Mills Circle, which has stadium seating and a mummy tomb-like ambience inside and out, is a perfect gift for Grandpa. This way, your child and his/her grandpa can choose a movie they want to see together and make a day out of it after the holidays. A child and senior pair of tickets is $14.25.

For Brother:

It’s popular among adults and kids, but Mini Golf is the way to put the sibling rivalry to the test on the course!  At the Pasadena Golf Center, located at 4358 Mountain Rd., children 12 and younger play this 18-hole, par-41 course that could be the best course in the area, for $4.75, and adults can play for $5.50. Save this gift for a nice day, or go right after the holidays. Hours change seasonally though, so call ahead at 410-439-4653. 45.00

For Sister: 

For under $15, your child can purchase an unfinished wood trinket box and acrylic paints from Michael’s that could end up being a useful and pretty gift a sister would love. Your child can paint designs and his/her sister’s name on it for a special touch. Every girl loves a handmade item she can put jewelry or trinkets in.

For Teacher: 

Teachers are special people in your child’s life, and your children are special to them too. A great way for your child to show his/her appreciation is by writing a short poem about the teacher’s great qualities with a hand-drawn picture arranged in a frame. The frame can be purchased at Target, Wal-Mart, Kohl’s or Michael’s for under $10. 

No matter what your kids choose to give the important people in their lives, these gift ideas are sure to put a smile on the receiver’s face. And seeing that, after all the thought and work he’s put into preparing the gifts, is sure to put a smile on your child’s face too.

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