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Personal comments point out the most caring doctors — FranklyStein

I love the Favorite Docs issue of Chesapeake Family because it’s so heartening to know how many wonderful doctors there are in our community. We receive so many nominations and so many amazing comments from parents about the doctors they love. But one comment in particular stood out to me this year.

Most comments are short. Voters often write that they love their doctor because he or she takes time with them, has a nice bedside manner or is nice to the kids. One voter, however, told a personal story about her incredibly caring obstetrician and how he saw her through a harrowing experience with twins in 2012.

Kristina Terry of Edgewater was diagnosed with an incompetent cervix when she was 20 weeks along, but the amniotic sack of one of her babies was bulging through the cervix so it was nearly impossible for a cervical cerclage — a stitch to keep the cervix closed until the babies were ready to be born. Her doctor, Marcus Penn of Chesapeake Women’s Care in Annapolis, however, volunteered to try an emergency procedure in an attempt to save the pregnancy. The surgery required blowing up a balloon to push the amniotic sac back into the uterus.

“After the seemingly successful surgery, Dr. Penn even teared up when hugging my husband and giving him an update,” Terry wrote.fav docs logo med copyright2015

Unfortunately, her water broke two days later due to a complication. After three weeks of strict hospital bed rest, she went into labor and had to deliver the babies due to a rapidly spreading infection. Neither baby survived.

Dr. Penn gave her his cell phone number and told her to contact him if she needed anything after the loss. Three months later, she got pregnant again, and Dr. Penn performed a cerclage to make sure she didn’t go into premature labor again. Another doctor commented that he could tell who did the procedure because the cerclage was so expertly done. The cerclage held until she went into labor at 38 weeks.

“Dr. Penn was on call … and stayed at the hospital through the next day, long after his shift ended, to make sure he was the one to deliver my baby girl via C-section,” Terry wrote. “He cried with us when she was delivered, and there are no words to express how thankful I am for this amazing doctor.”

Terry’s story touched my heart. I’ve lost four babies due to miscarriage, and I met my Ob/Gyn after the second. He was so compassionate that I have stayed with him ever since. He saw me through two more miscarriages, was amazingly patient with all of my concerns during my pregnancy with the twins and still spends time talking with me about our families during my routine gynecological appointments. A few years ago he left his practice but, luckily, I ran into him one day and found out where he was going. I’d recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone searching for an Ob/Gyn.

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FranklyStein is a blog by Chesapeake Family Magazine editor Betsy Stein who lives in Catonsville with her husband, Chris, and four children, Maggie, 16, Lilly, 14, Adam, 14, and Jonah, 10.


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