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Personalized gifts that take time

This year, due to COVID, I haven’t been out much shopping at all and I won’t be hitting any big box stores during shopping season, so I have found some personalized gifts to order that I think will be a hit Christmas morning.

It is the most wonderful time of year and I get so much joy from giving presents to the people I care about I look all year while out-and-about for something just right for each family member.  So whether you turn an old recipe into a kitchen keepsake or take your child’s favorite drawing and bring it to life turning it into a stuffed animal, you are sure to have your gift receivers smiling ear-to-ear with these thoughtful gifts.

—Jenny Patrick Cardoza

Cut a Rug
Cut a Rug
Take your loved one’s favorite album or song and get them a personalized record rug. They’ll be reminded daily of their favorite tunes with your thoughtful gift. $35. uncommongoods.com
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A Pet Lover’s Dream
Do you have a pet lover in your life? This Pet pillow is the perfect gift for anyone with a furry best friend. $49.
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One of my favorite gifts to give my family each year is a compilation of our all photos from that year. Usually in the beginning of November I head over to the Mixbook.com website and pick a design and upload all my pics starting from the previous December. I then organize them by month or season and add memories and quotes. Then I send it away to get printed and it is always back by Christmas. This gift is always a family favorite and gives us a good slow down break on presents Christmas morning as we all look through it together and remember the memories we made. Starting at $25. Mixbook.com

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Family Tradition
Does your family have recipes that have been handed down each generation? Take those family recipes and turn them into a high-quality kitchen towel with the recipe printed right on it. Your gift will have all the nostalgia of the perfect present. $12. Etsy.com/OviannaCo
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A Masterpiece
Celebrate your child’s artistic creations and bring their dreams to life with a custom plushie created from a piece of their very own artwork. $129. budsies.com
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Bookmark This!
Surprise Grandparents this Christmas with a book all about the bonding and memories shared between your kids and parents. The stories they swap show that their timeless relationship is like no other and make this the perfect gift. One thing is for sure – it’s bound to inspire smiles, hugs, and maybe a happy tear or two. $44. hoorayheroes.com

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