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Play places, 2.0

Grown-ups need to play, too! 

Most of us grew up without cell phones and GPS trackers. We climbed trees, built forts and played tag (did you know that stands for “touch and go?”). We roamed free until dinnertime when mom yelled out the back door, “Dinner!” Then we blinked and became adults. But, just because we are grown up doesn’t mean we don’t want to have fun. Here’s a solid batch of places in Maryland to ensure your inner child can still have fun in a grown-up body—though you might need an ice pack or ibuprofen afterward. Until then, it’s time to play!

Terrapin Adventures 
Savage; terrapinadventures.com
If you want outdoor adventure followed by adult beverages, Terrapin Adventures has teamed up with Rams Head Tavern to offer “Beer and Fear” for you and your closest of-age friends! You’ll spend two hours testing your skills on the challenge course by scaling the 43-foot tower, traversing the ropes course, gliding through the forest on a 330-foot zip line and finishing up on Terrapin’s Giant Swing. Then reward yourself with one of six Rams Head Tavern menu items paired with a sampler showcasing six different beers or wine plus a full glass of your favorite to enjoy. Cost is $85 per person and must be booked 2 weeks in advance.
For the less adventurous bunch, the Zip and Sip option lets you and your friends spend 1.5 hours on the Low Ropes Course enjoying group games, then a trip through the forest on the zip line, followed by a turn on the Giant Swing. The party concludes with a well-earned pairing of wine with cheese and crackers and fruit in their party room for 30 minutes. Cost is $49 per person and participants must be 21 years-old.

Columbia; ninjabe.com
We’ve all seen the television show American Ninja Warrior and now is your chance to be one, if only for a couple of hours.
The facility offers several levels of courses, from a mid-level obstacle racing course to an advanced 3-lane course built for those who actually want to go the extra mile and try to compete on the actual show. In addition, Ninjabe also offers extreme dodgeball, a gladiator challenge course, and mechanical bulls!
The gym has adult-only workout times available and you can pay by the hour, with rates starting at $19 for 60 minutes.

Baltimore; iflyworld.com/baltimore
If you want to try skydiving, but can’t quite take the plunge, now you can fly safely in the controlled wind tunnel at iFly. Jessica Kannegieser recently gave it a try with family and said it was a unique experience. “I will never go skydiving because I am afraid of heights. This was a way to feel that rush and experience weightlessness. I’m never jumping out of an airplane, so this is as close as I’m going to get!”
After some classroom training and gearing up, you are ready to soar in the iFly wind tunnel. The iFLY experience lasts roughly 1.5–2 hours. The beginner package is $69.95 per person and includes 2 flights equivalent to 3 skydiving freefalls from 12,000 feet, and includes gear rental, pre-flight training, one-on-one flight instruction and a personalized flight certificate. For an additional $20 you can add a virtual reality package to give you the sensation that you are free-falling in real life without the stepping out of a perfectly good airplane!

Autobahn Indoor Speedway and Events
Jessup, White Marsh; autobahnspeed.com
If you are feeling the need for speed, but want to avoid a ticket, the next best thing could be a few laps around the track at Autobahn Indoor Speedway and Events. With two locations in Maryland, these are not your typical go-carts. These are Italian-made, 3rd-generation electric karts that can quickly reach 50 miles per hour on Autobahn’s professionally designed Grand Prix-style tracks. “Arrive & Drive” allows
you to race without a reservation, as long as the track isn’t closed for holidays or a private event. Prices start at $20 for ages 13 and up.

Crossfit at the Zoo
Maryland Zoo, Baltimore; marylandzoo.org
Here is your chance to do push-ups with the penguins and burpees with the flamingos! CrossFit at the Zoo, offered by 410 CrossFit of Baltimore, is a 60-minute, guided class designed for all fitness levels. Participants will warm-up at Penguin Coast, followed by cardio and bodyweight-movement stations set up throughout African Journey. After a cool-down, participants get to meet one of the Zoo’s Animal Ambassadors. Participants should be 14 years or older. Classes are offered Sept. 2, Sept. 20, and October 7. Tickets are $20, which includes admission. Members get a $10 discount.
Registration required.


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