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Polar bear at Maryland Zoo in Baltimore dies

Alaska the polar bearAlaska, one of the polar bears at the Maryland Zoo in Baltimore, died this morning.

Alaska, a female polar bear, had been suffering from kidney failure, a common ailment for geriatric bears, but had overall remained in good health until recently, according to the zoo. During the past several weeks, Alaska’s quality of life had declined sharply and she was humanely euthanized this morning, the zoo stated in a press release.

“Alaska was such a remarkable polar bear with a story that touched thousands of people over the course of her life here at the zoo,” said Don Hutchinson, president and CEO of The Maryland Zoo. “Words cannot describe how our entire staff is feeling, in particular the keepers who worked with her every day for years. In the 10 years she lived at the Zoo with Magnet, we think she enjoyed a good life here.”

Here is a video of Alaska taking a dip in her pool on a chilly January day.

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