Finding a preschool for your child can be made easier with this checklist.

Preschool is so important and many families are finding it harder to sort through all the options. It’s good to know where to start and have a base list of questions to ask when interviewing different preschools. We put together this checklist that will allow you to get the answers to some important questions.

  • Are teachers forming positive relationships with the students?
  • Does the curriculum address a child’s social and cognitive development while building foundations for school success?
  • Do teacher carefully supervise all children and provide time for group and individual attention?
  • Do they offer ongoing assessments of a child’s progress that can be shared with parents in regular meetings?
  • Is there a safe and healthy environment where children can regularly run and play, and is nutritious food available?
  • Is the teaching staff qualified and are continuing education opportunities for teachers?
  • Are families welcome to visit the program at any time and are family events planned through the year?
  • Is the program licensed by the applicable state agency with policies for health, safety and discipline in place?

Download this Preschool Checklist to take with you so you get a good picture of how the schools you examine measure up.

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