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Prevent Loneliness

Tips for Engaging in the Community

Do feelings of loneliness threaten to overwhelm you? Learn these strategies and tips to avoid the physical and emotional problems tied to loneliness. 51% of mothers with young children are feeling “miserably lonely” at times, according to a report released by Harvard’s Making Caring Common that was released in 2021.

The pandemic isolated people more than ever and the feelings of loneliness have persisted resulting in increased anxiety, depression and substance abuse.

According to the Making Caring Common report there are two actions that can help you prevent loneliness.

  • Build not just our physical but our social infrastructure.
  • Work to restore our commitment to each other and the common good.

Build Your Social Infrastructure – Join a Club

Remember that social media is not a replacement for friendship. You need to make the investment of time to interact with other like minded people. What are your interests? Join a Bird Watching Club or hike with a group. The public library has Book Clubs, Knitting Clubs and Trivia Nights. Or take a class at Maryland Hall, Chesapeake Arts Center, or a local community college.

Restore Your Commitment to the Common Good Volunteer

Give some of your time to a project or community group that fuels your interest. Volunteering gives you a sense of purpose and accomplishment. Many people say that they get more out of the volunteering experience than they put into it.

Some ideas include:

  • Lighthouse Shelter
  • Seeds 4 Success
  • Environmental Groups
  • Help Seniors with Tax Returns
  • Animal Shelters
  • Animal Rescue
  • Library
  • School
  • Veterans

Anne Arundel County

Check out their volunteer match database. Enter your area of interest and add your skills. There is even a range of miles you are willing to travel. You will find a huge variety of programs looking for volunteers.

Prince George’s County


Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission


As the cold, dark months of winter make us want to hunker down in our houses, to overcome your feelings of loneliness you have to take the first steps to finding your people. Meet with like-minded people to learn a new skill, brush up on old ones, or participate in a physical activity. Volunteer in the community on a project you have an interest in and you could find a new lightness in your heart.

If you need some emotional support please call 988 at any time.

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