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Product review of Silikids Glass Sippy Cup — Baby Booty

SilisippyWA lot of natural minded mothers are into glass bottles and cups for their kids. Manufacturers boast such products are BPA-free, which is the pesky chemical found in plastics that the natural mamas get all cranky about.

So it was pretty cool that one of our first products for Chesapeake Family’s new Baby Booty product review blog was the Siliskin Sippy cup and Siliskin Top from Silikids.

The Siliskin Sippy cup is a glass cup, with a silicone cover and top which attempts to make a glass safe for toddlers. It’s great in theory, right? In practice, however, it’s not so great. It “didn’t last a day through the Anna test” said Sara Glaser, of Arnold, one of our parent product testers.

Unfortunately, one hard throw from Glaser’s 17-month-old Anna, a few hours after they received the cup, and the glass was shattered. Thankfully, Anna was in her high chair so there was no worry of glass shards on little feet. That would be my concern using glass cups or bottles.

We all had high hopes for the cup though, at the first product testing event a few weeks ago. Six moms and their kids ranging in age from 2 months to nearly 2 years got to try out some of the latest trends in baby products ranging from bibs, to sippy cups, to toys and shoes. We all thought that the Silikids sippy cup was a great product and very high quality — but alas, not suited for a 17-month-old just learning her throwing skills.CFtesting1W

That being said, Silikids does have a line of transferrable sippy cup lids — Siliskin Tops — to use on your own plastic or glass 2.5″ diameter cups. They’re easy to clean and can be sterilized by boiling (and won’t melt). The covers cost about $5 and can be purchased online (though currently on backorder) or in select stores (the closest to our area is Giggle in Chevy Chase). The Siliskin Sippy retails for $13.

The Siliskin Sippy would be great for older tots graduating to cups who are less inclined to throw. It should be noted that Silikids did provide a disclaimer on the website that the glass sippy cup was intended as tableware, and should be checked after each bump or drop for cracks or any possible breaks. Which probably would have been a nice reminder inside the packaging but seemed to be missing or ignored.

Check back here weekly to see what our parent product testers had to say about the other baby gear they reviewed! And if you are interested in being a future tester, email betsy@jecoannapolis.com

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Originally from New England, Heidi and her husband settled in Annapolis in 2010. Nowadays, when she’s not chasing her overly-energetic toddler son around, she works as a marketing manager for a local boutique marketing agency and is involved in the Junior League of Annapolis, Inc. Outside of the office, you can often find Heidi hunting for the next great deal in baby gear, training for a race or enjoying her family and all of the food and culture the greater Annapolis area has to offer.

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