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Programs at Wild Kid Acres

Animal care and sustainable farming are just a few of the programs at Wild Kid Acres in Edgewater. What started as a small homestead has turned into something so much more including:

  • Farm, animal assisted and horticulture therapy
  • Farm physical fitness (Farm Fit)
  • Educational programs, classes and camps
  • Markets and private events
Sponsored by Annapolis Pediatrics

What led city kid Gerardo Martinez to become owner, farmer, builder and educator at Wild Kid Acres? Listen to his amazing story and find out how a trip to Africa inspired Gerardo and his wife to buy a dilapidated farm house on five acres and turn it into a place of learning and healing in Edgewater. As the programs at Wild Kid Acres expand, so does the need for a more permanent structure and the next steps towards creating a purposeful existence for the farm.

Wild Kid Acres

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