Public Hearing in Annapolis to decide Boat Show Leases and Role of City Manager


Annapolis City Council will hold a public hearing on Monday, November 24, at 7:00 p.m., in City Council Cambers, 160 Duke of Gloucester Street. The main issues to be discussed include Boat Show Leases for 2013 and 2014 and the role of the City Administrator and manager. Specific information is addressed below.

CA-01-08Revised City Administrator – For the purpose of declaring certain principles clarifying the role of the Mayor as chief executive officer and the City Administrator as chief administrative officer; enhancing the supervisory powers of City Administrator with respect to departmental directors; barring the Mayor and Aldermen from directing the work of departmental directors; providing that the dismissal of the City Administrator must be approved by the mayor and four or more aldermen; providing that the aldermen shall have such administrative and professional staff and consulting services as may be provided for in the annual budget; and generally relating to the powers and duties of the elected and appointed officials.

CA-04-08 City Manager – For the purpose of amending the Charter of the City of Annapolis to establish the office of City Manager; establishing the prerequisite qualifications of the City Manager; providing for the appointment and termination of the City Manager; specifying the powers and duties of the City Manager; providing for the non-interference by the Mayor and Aldermen with the City Manager in the performance of his duties; providing for the designation of an acting City Manager under certain circumstances; establishing the City Manager as a position within the exempt service; redefining the powers and duties of the Office of the Mayor; and all matters related thereto.

O-35-08 Lease of City Property: Boat Shows in 2013 & 2014 – For the purpose of authorizing a lease of certain municipal property located in the general harbor, Dock Street and Edgewood Road areas to United States Sailboat Shows, Inc. and United States Powerboat Shows, Inc., bodies corporate, for a certain period of time in October 2013 and October 2014, subject to certain terms, provisions and conditions, for the purpose of conducting boat shows; and all matters relating to said lease.

O-37-08 Appointment to the Art in Public Places Commission – For the purpose of specifying how vacated positions on the Art in Public Places Commission are filled; permitting the mayor and council to make temporary at-large appointments to the Art in Public Places Commission; classifying otherwise "ward-specific" positions as "at-large" for the duration of the appointment term; and all other matters concerning the Art in Public Places Commission.

O-38-08 Residential and Commercial Recycling – For the purpose of updating the City of Annapolis' recycling code so as to reflect changes in recycling practices; establishing and permitting commercial recycling in the City of Annapolis; and all other matters concerning residential and commercial recycling.

O-40-08 Display Requirements for the Sale of Lawn Fertilizer – For the purpose of changing the effective date for the "display provision" for the sale of lawn fertilizer by retailers in the City of Annapolis; and all matters related to the sale and application of lawn fertilizer.

For more information, please contact Seth B. Zirkle, Legislative and Policy Analyst with the Office of Law, at (410) 263-1184 or [email protected].