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Pushing it — Mommy Daze

PushingItInvariably in my life, there are those crucial moments when my child goes from teetering on the balance of being well behaved to suddenly flailing around like a maniac — overly tired and over stimulated. These are the moments that as a parent, I’ve learned (usually the hard way) to stop WHATever I’m doing and get that child either fed, asleep or at least home in a padded room.

I am fully aware of these “crucial moments” and am usually good about planning our outings around them. My current predicament, however, is that our youngest son is teething and is on a wonky nap schedule, so making sure my older son is down for his afternoon nap at an appropriate time has been quite challenging. Here are some epic fails I’ve had lately on missing the “window of opportunity” by trying to push it.

Play dates. Always a great way to break up a monotonous long day. We usually meet-up at someone’s house, a local playground or a mall play area. Things will be going great. The kids are getting along (mostly). I have my hot steaming cup of caffeine, and am enjoying an uplifting conversation with fellow moms on the best way to get poop stains off your furniture, when that crucial moment arrives — the yawn, the eye rub, the stumble, the whine. All the signs are blinking neon for me to scoop these children up and race home to their beds as quick as can be. But then like any good mother would do, I selfishly want to finish my beverage or my conversation or my train of thought. Next thing I know, I’m carrying a drooling screaming baby under one arm and a flailing screaming toddler under the other, yelling apologies over my shoulder to the empathetic moms I’m leaving behind. Pushed it.

Lunch dates. Another fun escape from your house, even if for just an hour. Restaurant with a play area? Even better. At least until it’s time to go and you realize your child has only nibbled on their $10 kids meal (but downed the beverage, of course) and is hot and sweaty from climbing through plastic tubes of germ factories. At this point I highly recommend pulling out any and all bargaining tools, such as the kids meal toy that you hastily snuck into your purse before they saw it, or a sweet treat once they’re buckled into the car seat. Unfortunately in my case, I find that most lunch dates end in tears, and sometimes it’s even my kids who are crying. Pushed it.

Shopping trips. As a stay-at-home Mom I inevitably have to tote my toddlers with me to the store at least once in awhile, and I always kick myself when these trips go longer than I’d planned. Because let’s face it, you always head to Target with 3 things on your list and end up leaving with 30 … probably most of which you compulsively got from the dollar aisle at the front door. These trips always start out great! I’ve got a purse full of snacks, juice box in my back pocket and Netflix cued up on my phone for an emergency. My list in hand, boys strapped into the obnoxiously large two-seater cart that doubles as instant birth control for any young woman whom I happen to go past, and an optimistic attitude on time management. By the time we hit the electronics aisle or frozen food section, I’ve left behind me a trail of animal crackers, knocked over displays and possibly a puddle of spit-up. As we wait in line, I do my best to put on that “I have this situation completely under control” face as my tired cranky children are tossing candy from the shelf or bopping me over the head with a balloon on a stick. Pushed it.

Yet somehow, like a crazy person, I continue to venture out again and again with these little bundles of joy, each time promising myself I won’t push it too long this time…unless there’s a sale on shoes at Target.

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Mandy Watts is a stay-at-home mom who lives in Crownsville with her husband, Justin, who runs their family business, and their two sons, 2-year-old James and almost 1-year-old Luke.

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